About our Farm


We deliver weekly all over the Country by our very own Driver.  Eggs are packed and graded 7 days a week to ensure freshness and deliveries taken out 5-6 days. We supply small retail shops up to large wholesalers.


Packaging Options

We have many packaging options, whether you require Scaman’s Eggs
to pack for you or supply on key trays.  Our own branded packs, clearly marketing Lincolnshire Produce are extremely popular locally, however
we do offer a fantastic alternative for those customers who are further afield.  Why not make a request for your free sample now!

Our unique range of coloured printed pre-packs allow us to offer eggs in half dozen or dozen boxes. All pre-packs are bar coded for retailers and date stamped on the outer lid. The different colours offer an obvious
 point of distinction between sizes and variety for the consumer.

We also pack eggs directly onto trays – Again colour coded for ease
of consumer purchase.  Trays can be packed in 15 or 30 dozen
outer boxes down to customer preference.

Please Contact Simone for Current Prices & Packaging
Options on 07960 357477 – Where Delivery details can
be discussed based on your area



Low Carbon Footprint

Scaman’s Eggs has measured its Carbon Footprint, the findings were low. Now we know our carbon footprint we will ensure this
is maintained to our best ability.


Beba Energy Solutions, Using their high-tech solar pile driving equipment have installed a 90 KW system in the most environmentally friendly manner and the fastest possible time. The only UK business operating a GAYK tracked pile driver that ensures complete accuracy and speed during the installation process whilst providing Scaman’s Farm the best and most effective long term solution


All the ingredients we feed our  chickens are carefully selected to ensure outstanding quality with preparation of all feed undertaken here on the farm in our own fixed mill.  The main ingredient being wheat is all grown & harvested in house creating zero carbon footprint, something we are very proud of.

Call Direct on

01507 363692