We hope to share our love of natural food and build on the passion that’s helped put us firmly on the British food map.

Our Passion

Our passion is for great tasting eggs from naturally beautiful Lincolnshire. The open landscape and fresh air are perfect for our outdoor birds. Here on the farm we love to see our animals enjoying the great outdoors as much as we do which is why you’ll see our hens free to roam and scratch the earth as they would in the wild.


We’re so proud of our farm and our surroundings and think our eggs taste even better knowing that they have a low impact on our environment and of course, that our hens lead long and happy lives.




Not only do we offer Award Winning Produce, we pride ourselves on a service that is like no other.  We have a winning recipe that’s created for every customer … like a famous family secret, one that’s unique and special to us!

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