Meet the team

We may be a small Team, but we certainly have what it takes to be successful.  Here at Scaman’s Eggs, we have a ‘family feel’ policy… Our Staff are our Family !  Being a Team Member here can be a lot of fun,
in-between all the hard work of course…  Work Hard, Play Hard…. As some of the pictures show on our Events page !

Sooty has been with us almost from the beginning, providing us with many a story and lots of giggles!  A real favourite amongst our customers, he shows great passion and enthusiasm for his duties and goes above and beyond for the company.  Never shy to take on a challenge…. And here there are many of those!

Our ‘Fragile’ Delivery Driver – Sooty

Our longest standing Team Member and EGGspert Melissa has superpower vision and can spot a ‘bad’ egg from miles away … Joking apart, our in-house quality assurance proves time and time again how keen we are to provide our customers with only the best quality.  Her determination for such quality has given her a highly-reputable name across the industry, to which we are very proud.

Melissa  - Chief EGGspert

Our dedicated Team Member, Chris is our all-round ‘Good’ Egg … Dedicated and keen to manage all the ropes, he has a happy ‘panic free’ attitude to get the job done !  Since joining the Team in 2013, he has completed a number of training courses to develop his skills here at Scaman’s Eggs and will continue to thrive in his career.

Chris – Has the EGGsFactor

With a passion for Cake, this position is really fitting for Simone… Getting to sample a variety from customers on a regular basis comes part and parcel of the job !  Along with a real energy and drive for success, she is totally committed to the future of Scaman’s Eggs and creating a brand that offers the whole shebang.. When you have a product that really speaks for itself in terms of quality, the rest is a pleasure to do !

Simone – The BOSS Lady

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