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Freedom Food

The Freedom Foods five freedoms

  • Freedom from hunger
  • Freedom from sickness and disease
  • Freedom from fear and distress
  • Freedom from pain and injury
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour


Freedom Food is the only UK farm assurance and food labelling
scheme dedicated to farm animal welfare.

The Freedom Food certification mark gives consumers the assurance
that the scheme is backed by the RSPCA, one of the most respected animal charities in the world.

Find out more at the RSPCA Freedom Food website www.freedomfood.co.uk



  • All eggs we supply are produced on our farm ensuring not only freshness & quality but confidence for our customers
    in knowing where they have come from
  • Eggs clearly labelled during transportation from farm to packing station with date of lay and producer number
  • Producer number printed on each egg during grading so
    eggs can be traced back to their farms
  • Eggs delivered in sealed boxes with our packing station number, number of eggs, best before date and contact details clearly printed on the label. This information can
    also be found on our pre-packed boxes which also have
    a bar code.




All in accordance with Government Legislation

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